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Every client expects something a little bit different from you. I'll help you keep in touch with everyone, you don't have to lift a finger, and you'll increase your bottom line.

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Leads genearted through Zillow, Trulia,, Google Ads, and your website are looking for the latest info about local real estate.

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    10 Minute New Listing Updates

    Give them an advantage with reports that are updated every 10 minutes - they can't get this info anywhere but from YOU.

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    Crystal Ball

    Your clients can interact with years worth of data. Investors, millennials, data nerds and will LOVE this tool!

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    Recently Sold Properties

    The easiest way to view what homes have closed escrow, how much they sold for, and how long it took them to sell.

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    Unique Monthly Analysis

    Make a great impression on your clients when they receive your monthly e-mail, complete with a unique analysis of the market. Leave them thinking, "Wow, my Realtor really knows the market!"

Service your friends and family will love

Marketing to friends and family is more tricky, but incredibly lucrative when you do it right.
I'll help you keep in touch with them.

Personalized Greeting

Each e-mail will begin with a greeting such as "Hi Jane" or "Greetings Adam". Customizing each e-mail with their name will further engage them with your communication.

Custom Market Analysis

Taking the time to analyze data for your clients shows that you're going above and beyond to keep them informed.
Your friends and family will appreciate this extra level of service.

Respectful use of their
e-mail address

All e-mails come straight from you, not from me or my company.
Only one e-mail is sent each month but they can access the data in the e-mail throughout the month.

"I want to help you increase your business by making it easy for you to send high quality communications to your friends, family, clients, and leads each month. I'll help you export your clients from a variety of locations, design a monthly e-mail, and make sure that your clients are contacted by you each and every month. You can even text me new e-mail addresses throughout the month and I'll add them to your list for you! My goal is to make it easier for you to get out and meet new people, knowing that I'm here working for you behind the scenes."

Tanya Knowles, Personal E-mail Marketing Assistant



  • ✔ Up to 16 Cities Included
  • ✔ New Listings Report
  • ✔ Price Change Report
  • ✔ Pendings Report
  • ✔ Sold Property Report
  • ✔ Market Indicators
  • ✔ Crystal Ball
  • ✔ Mail Chimp Account Setup
  • ✔ Help Getting Your Contacts in One List
  • ✔ Monthly E-mail Design
  • ✔ Automatically Sent Monthly
  • ✔ Custom Market Analysis in E-mail
  • ✔ Database Management Service
  • ✔ Open and Click Reports E-mailed to You

Sample Monthly Analysis Schedule

Each analysis will feature the county of your choice.

Previous Year Recap

Luxury Homes - $1M+

Foreclosure Review

Sales Price vs. List Price


Months of Inventory

Median Home Price

Big Houses - 5+ Bedrooms

Number of Sales

Days on Market

Homes on Acerage

Number of New Listings


Sample Analysis

February, Luxury Market, San Luis Obispo County

Homes that have sold in SLO County for over $1 Million are staying on the market for an average of 122 days. In previous years, homes have been on the market for way longer. 2009 - 226, 2010 - 191, 2011 - 229, 2012 - 198, 2013 - 168, 2014 - 149. There have been 138 sales so far. As of right now, there are 191 active listings over $1 Million in SLO County. The number of actives hasn't changed much in the past few years.

There were fewer sales in this price range in previous years. 2009 - 77, 2010 - 66, 2011 - 82, 2012 - 105, 2013 - 125, 2014 - 156. This year we're on track to beat the 2014 total. Most of these high priced sales are occurring in San Luis Obispo city, Templeton, Pismo Beach, Paso Robles, Cayucos, Cambria, and Arroyo Grande.

The median home price took such a dive for a few years there, it is possible that the homes that are currently priced right above $1 Million were previously in the $800K-$1Million range, so that could have contributed to the decrease in sales between 2009-2013.

So, what's the verdict? Is the luxury market on fire? My opinion - On Fire!! The combination of the large number of sales so far in 2015, even though the number of actives has stayed about the same, and the huge decrease in the average days on market is great news for the luxury market in SLO County.