Solds and Stats includes 10 IDX Listing Reports and 2 Levels of local Market Statistics

IDX Listing Reports

  • 10 min Listing Data Updates
  • New, Sold, Pending and Price Change Reports
  • Works on Mobile Devices

2 Levels of Local Market Statistics

  • Market Indicators
  • Crystal Ball

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Solds and Stats is $99.99/month

No setup fee. No additional IDX passthrough fees.

Testimonials from Agents

I only just complied my database for my mailing, I wish I would have jumped on it immediately. The upshot of the very first mailing on my behalf is that two clients, whom I had faithfully been in contact with via US Postal (the Buffini system), reached out to me after receiving the email with referrals - resulting in one buyer and a new listing. After the second mailing a former client was reminded to call me to assist with the disposition of two properties from her father's estate. Two new listings coming on line in the next 30 days. Though I've been an active user of other systems for many years, I think with the pace of our world these days, the ease of use and relevance of your reports makes your tools work.

LeeAnne Fisher

I have had 3 clients who I hadn't heard much from reach out to me after receiving the email. I also get comments from others I go visit thanking me for the great information and they look forward to getting it next month. I am just starting out my real estate career and currently send the monthly email out to 43 people, It has really helped solidify my expertise as a Real Estate Agent. Absolutely worth it.

CJ Tatum

After years in this business I have tried a myriad of programs and systems to maintain communication with my client base. I've always felt that the products, postcards and newsletters were less than professional and came across and an insincere attempt to solicit more business. However, with Solds and Stats I'm finally proud of the communication because it is clearly perceived as a valuable service. Many of the recipients have shared with me that they enjoy and review the information regularly. I'm currently working with a couple I had almost lost touch with and it is absolutely because I began sending them reports and statistics.

Wes Burk

I knew the Reports email was working for me when I overheard three people discussing the data at the gym. As I walked over, two of recipients introduced me to a newcomer who is now on my list too. My clients love the data and consider me their source for all things real estate in my area.

Sandra Lee

I just received an email from a client yesterday. He and his wife purchased a home through me last June. He said he is interested in purchasing another home and to please keep sending the sold data as he finds it very valuable! He is happy to see the value of the homes close to him gaining in equity as well from the report.

Debbie Jamison

I have had over 30 people tell me that they love getting those emails. I have received emails from people asking where they are when they don't get them right at the first of the month. Some read the reports for fun but most use it to keep an eye on their own property value.

Bruce Freeburg